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Winterblast Mining

               NOW OPEN!!!!!!!

  With cold weather on the way ,here in the mountains , we have started Winterblast Mining. 

What is Winterblast Mining?

   Winterblast Mining is a bit different than summer mining ,in that it uses no water and is a bit faster too.
   "We just spent the morning winterblast gem mining.  We found a lot of really nice gemstones,including some Aventurine ,crystals and some i cant remember the name of.
We have been to Someplace Special in the summer ,but its a real blast to be outside in the crisp fall air, sifting for gems.  We will be back soon with the hopes of some snow on the ground by then.
Thanks for the memory, Joe"

   We have a box trailer that has dry screens along the sides instead of flumes and water
  Winter cold makes it uncomfortable to have your hands in water and even gloves only help for a short time. So we shut down the flumes and Winterblast Mine!!!!! using the screens on the box trailer


  By dry sifting ,you can spend more time looking for gems , and not be as uncomfortable. 
  Its still outside in the amazing mountains of Wv , but now its warmer on your hands.
  We also have a small rock shop on location as well as some gift items for you to browse while you winterblast mine
  Imagine finding a beautiful gem and seeing it lit up by the bright white of a snowy day. Best part keep your treasures


  To keep the dirt from freezing solid, we have stockpiled a huge load of paydirt inside a heated building.

  We will fill the buckets from this stockpile and bring them in fresh as needed
  These buckets are around a gallon size (sand bucket size) 
  Cost is $5 per bucket .
Winterblast is by reservation only ,as we simply are not busy enough to be open all day in winter. Call (304)575-9732 to select a time, to enjoy a blast of winter gem mining.

  Dress warm and we will see you out for Winterblast this season
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