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Where to eat and fill up

  Near our Gem Mine is a gas station called Little General, located in Daniels.
  It is a nice clean store ,that's in a safe location . Open till Midnight on Friday and Saturday, its a great place to buy fuel for the return trip home .   It also has a restaurant called Staks (eat in not available).  Subs, stromboli and they have a great deal on hot dogs (includes bacon cheddar dogs, jalapeno cheddar dogs, Ragin' Cajun dogs and regular dogs), and now try a pepperoni roll, can be made to order or grab one from their warmer.
  All the food is made fresh and is comprised of high quality meats and breads. 
  They have a Pepsi brand fountain machine as well as many other drink options and they even have a F'real Milk Shake's. Now they also carry Icee brand slushies (Coke, Cherry and Blue Raspberry)!!
   Stop in and give them a try after a busy day treasure hunting at Someplace Special
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