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What to Bring With You

A few suggestions to  make your adventure here a bit better.

 It gets a bit muddy here at the mine , so wear old clothes and shoes.  I have had gals come  out in dresses and high heels .They looked nice, but Im not sure their adventure was as good as it could have been ,in jeans and a t shirt.
We do provide seating , but its not padded . A nice cushion will help ease any sore spots.
 There are covers over the flumes, but a rain coat is advisable.
 We provide small  plastic bags,but if you are planning a large mine adventure, a bucket or large heavy bag is a nice addition to  have (Yes, you may have that many gemstones when you leave)
 Sunblock is suggested
 This is a farm setting and bugs are present , so bring along some bug spray to help keep em at bay.
 Cameras are allowed here, so bring one along to capture your adventure .

Be sure to bring a towel to dry off with...WE DO NOT PROVIDE TOWELS to dry your hands with.
Drugs and Alcohol are not permitted at Someplace Special at any time!!!!  FIREARMS ARE NOT ALLOWED!!!!!!

 We work closely with the Wv State Police to ensure that we are kid safe. Any infraction will result in arrest!!!!!

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