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Silversmithing Classes

  We now offer classes in jewelry making. All classes will be taught by Joe Rakes ,the One Eyed Silversmith.
  Joe has years of experience in fabricating jewelry with thousands of pieces sold all over the world.  He understands that most people wanting to learn ,have little or no experience ,so he takes the time to explain the process, terminology and tools, before jumping into actual hands on work .
  Its an easy course and anyone can enjoy the ease of the 3 projects you tackle. You will be able to wear your projects home at the end of the class and for years after . Nothing is like the feeling of someone complimenting you on something you made yourself.

" He took the time to teach me at my pace and the project turned out great. I get tons of compliments on it. Thanks Joe "

The classes we offer and costs

Intro Into Cutting Cabochon Gemstones

We suggest that you start with this class even if you plan to buy your gemstones already cut. One never knows what the future holds and its a great bit of knowledge to have if you ever need it while making jewelry

Class is 2 hrs long and will give you the basics of cutting and polishing cabochon type stones. All gemstones used in this class will be provided by us

The first hour we will walk you step by step through the cutting and polishing process
 Second hour will be free time to cut and polish additional stones. 3 to 4 stones can be cut and polished in the 2 hour class by most students
Only the stones provided will be allowed in this class, as we pick out the best types of stones for you to learn on.
You can purchase additional shop time and stone if needed. You can also use outside purchased stones with additional shop time
Cost is $120

Silversmithing Basic Class
This class is 2 hours and will get you started in the art of silversmithing
In the basic class,  you will learn the tools and how to use them. How to weld silver using a torch and the basics of pickling ,cleaning up and polishing the silver. In this class you will shape,weld and polish a sterling silver ring band . The ring is yours to keep
Cost is $120

Silversmithing Advanced Class
This class varies in time (1-2,hours) due to how much you learn in basic silversmithing class and requires a completed basic class first.
In this class you will learn to shape silver ,weld from underneath the piece and silver fabrication to make a pendant as the project . You can use the cabochon stone you will cut in our cabbing class , purchase one from us or bring one you purchase elsewhere. Depending on size of stone,there may be an extra charge for silver for large stones brought from home. The pendant is yours to keep
The cost is $120

Save $30 and take all 3 classes and 3 projects for $330
Bring a friend along and save even more with a total of $300 per person for all 3 classes


Additional Shop Time
You can use our shop and tools to work on any projects you have after your class is over. The charge is $30 per person per hour plus the cost of silver used.
List of tools available

Cabbing machines (2)
Stone saw
Polish machine
Rolling mill
Various small hand tools and hallmarks
Silver tumbler
Email us at to learn more and to find out when the next class starts
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