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Gem stone dirt is sold by the bucket. Bucket size is 2 1/2 gallon. You also get to shovel your own bucket.
Keep what you find!!!!

1 bucket is $10.00
4 buckets are $35.00 (save $5.00)
6 buckets are $50.00 (save $10.00)
13 buckets are $100.00 (save $30.00)
30 Buckets are $200.00 (save $100.00 and can be spread over two days of sluicing if needed)

Lapidary Shop Prices(stone cut and polish)
$10.00 to  polish a stone

Silver Shop Prices
All hand made Jewelry prices include stone work and varies by size and type of stone cut
Sterling Silver rings start at $20.00
Sterling Silver pendants start at$35.00

  Bring the kids out, and let them help make a piece of jewelry.  The kids can use our silver working tools to hammer out and design either a ring or bracelet ,out of a slug of Sterling Silver . It can be for themselves or someone else.   We will ,of course, be there to help with the process.   They can use either texture tools or letters to make it unique.

   Once they have the pattern and texture hammered into the silver ,just the way they decide is best, The One Eyed Silversmith will turn that slug of sterling silver into a ring or bracelet. You can let several kids work on the same piece ,so no need to buy one for each kid. 
    Just imagine a professional jewelry gift ,that's one of a kind , and made by the kids.   Truly Unique

   This is not limited to just the kids. This project can be made by the adults too.

Ring project is $50.00 +tax
Bracelet project is $125.00+tax

Due to high costs of accepting other kinds of payments ,we accept cash only!!!!

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