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One Eyed Silversmith



  The One Eyed Silversmith is a jewelry brand. It is made by man named Joe Rakes. Joe lives in the mountains of West Virginia and has many years of skill as a Silver/Gold Smith. Joe's work is not sold in retail stores ,each piece is made by hand.
    Joe usually uses Cabochon stones, but does ,sometimes, use faceted stones. He only makes a few pieces per year

   Most of the jewelry sold today , in jewelry stores, is made by machinery .   Its usually made in a country ,that has very low wages and is sold to jewelry stores all over.  While it is beautiful work,it does not showcase any human skill . Anyone can own one just like yours ,as thousands are made of each design. In some cases ,this jewelry may even be hazardous ,if made of less than safe metals.   Just because it has a hallmark for the purity of metal, it does not ensure its free of cadmium, lead or other hazardous metals.

   This is one reason that people look for work made, by The One Eyed Silver Smith.   Joe uses only metal sourced in the U.S.A. and its certified to be free of dangerous metals.   Joe cuts and polishes each gemstone by hand ,then makes a mount of your choice to fit that stone. With this in mind, your piece is unique ,no one will ever have one exactly the same 

The One Eyed Silversmith's work is marked on the back . Its a cluster of crystals and the letters SPS  

   The One Eyed Silversmith is on staff  and can make your gemstones into wearable jewelry ,while your at Someplace Special. But we also have a selection of pieces that he's created for sale here on our site.
Bring along gemstones you found other places and Joe will cut and mount them for you as well.
If you see something that you want , call us at 304 575-9732 to see if we still have it and to make all the necessary arraignments to ship it to you
Emerald Pendant $100.00

"Love my new pendant that I had made here. We will be back soon to have more fun gem mining  and to have a ring made for my daughter . Kim S. Rockville Md "
Lapis Pendant $125.00

"This is so much fun and I got to wear home my treasure that I found. The ring you made is on my hand every day and the pendant was a gift for my friend. She loved it. Mabel A. Beckley Wv."


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