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Children are welcome
For their safety, as well as the comfort of our other guests, please keep them under control at ALL TIMES!!!!

Where do you get the dirt/where is the mine?
Ok, we get this more often than any other question......
If i drove up to your house and asked where you keep the valuables, you would think i was simply trying to case your house for a robbery.   Dont bother to ask, because we will not tell you . We wont even hint at a location. Its simply not something you will find out.
Are the Gemstones real?
Yes, all the stones here are real and natural.
Are the Gemstones valuable?
Each stone has a different value that depends on many factors.  Different grades of stone are found here ,with the facet grade stone  ,almost always ,  being the most valuable.  To qualify as facet grade, the stone needs to be translucent  .  Other factors are also taken into consideration when grading a stone.    There have been many, many facet grade stones found here.
Can i keep what i find?
Yes, what you find here, ALWAYS belongs to you.
Can i dig my own bucket of ore?
No, currently regulations prohibit any person ,other than an employee, from being at or near where we get the ore.
Are you open all year?
Weather ,at our location, prohibits us from being open every day . Call ahead to make sure were operating.
Do you take credit cards?
No. we cant take credit cards due to high cost and low dependability of the new card readers
Are you SURE i can't dig my own ore?
I am sorry, but  no , you can't dig your own ore here.
I am going to be in the area early, can i get in before 10 am?
No, we use the time from daylight till 10 am to bring out ore, mow grass and do other chores around the facility.
Do i really need to print your directions?
Yes, please print the directions as we are a bit hard to find.  We are located away from the main road and even to locals get lost trying to find us.
P. S. Dont forget the bring the directions along after you print them.
Are you still sure i can't dig there?
No!!!! Please stop asking me this.  Trust me , it would be a lot easier for me to let everyone dig their own ore. Its back breaking work and I would  love to let you loose here to dig for yourself.  I simply can't.... Look at it this way, you get to find all the beautiful stones and we  do all the hard work.
Please let me dig my own dirt
Ok, fine  after years of begging,we decided to allow folks to dig dirt. Stop by and dig your own bucket from the pile, and see what you can find.
Contact us at
Drugs and Alcohol are not permitted at Someplace Special at any time!!!! We work closely with the Wv State Police to ensure that we are kid safe. Any infraction will result in arrest!!!!!

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