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Check back soon to see our site morph into the next generation of Someplace Special
Silversmithing and Gemstone cutting classes will be offered this fall.

Click on the  Silversmith Class page to learn more

    Deep in the hills of West Virginia, is located a mystical place called Someplace Special  .

Steeped in legend ,dripping with treasures , rich in history and loaded with fun , Someplace Special  is a great place to spend an afternoon treasure hunting

Come fill a bucket with  paydirt  from our dirt pile and go prospecting at one of our flumes.     ( A flume is a long box containing water.)  Place some of the paydirt in a screen at the flume,rinse with water and simply pick out your treasures..

Farmer Joe,
  "We had a wonderful time at the gem mine.  It was my daughter and her boyfriend's first time in West Virginia and they were so excited to go to Someplace Special.  The gemstones were phenomenal, and so was the company.  My daughter would also like to thank you for the beautiful puppy you let her take back to Massachusetts.  He'll be spoiled rotten in no time!  We just wanted to thank you once again for another wonderful day with you at Someplace Special.  We'll be back real soon and my daughter and her boyfriend's next visit will also have time set aside for an exciting day of gem mining.


 Once you find a treasure that is perfect, have a member of our staff turn it into a one of a kind treasure ,that you can wear home. 
 It only takes about 45 minutes to cut ,polish and mount your gemstone in a solid sterling silver necklace or ring ,that you will treasure always. 
 Prices are reasonable ,but the best part can watch your rock transform into a beautiful work of wearable art, right before your eyes .

   So far ,folks have found ... genuine  Rubys, Garnets, Emeralds ,Rose quartz  , (Wives..Husbands) Sodalight ,Jasper ,Lepidolite and lots of other jewels in our paydirt. 
 The paydirt in the pile ,Is Filled With Treasures!!!
Civil War Bullet found by Tammy ,while metal detecting here at Someplace Special on Jan 7th 2012
An EXTREMELY !!!!Rich cache of gemstones was found this fall and promises to produce even more treasures this year.  Early tests indicate a substantial increase in valuable material found in each bucket of paydirt. 
This looks to be
some of the worlds best gemstone paydirt available to the public.

"Dear Farmer Joe:
 What a great way to celebrate my birthday!!!   I found an amazing Emerald, a nice Garnet and my first Ruby Zoisite. What a nice birthday present! Of course I also found many other nice gemstones and several Indian Head Pennies (1895-1900) and "V" Nickels (1897-1905) while metal detecting. I had my husband by my side and my sister-in-law, Patty , with us (who was here on vacation ).
I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than to be at Someplace "truly" Special!!!
Thanks for a wonderful day"

  A recent single 2 1/2 gallon bucket yielded an amazing  2.2 lbs of valuable treasure
The best part is ..YOU GET TO KEEP WHAT YOU FIND!!!!  .
 Unlike some gem mines, We never charge an admission fee and we never charge you to tell you what kinds of gemstones you  found. 
 We strive to make your  experience here a positive and fun time with our friendly staff and quiet surroundings. 

"We may meet as strangers, but we will part as friends."
 "Hi Farmer Joe:
We had a great time metal detecting at Someplace Special. We found 3 Liberty Head "V" nickels dating 1899-1912. What a thrill it was to dig up coins that are over 100 years old!!! We can't wait to see what other treasures may be hidden on your property on our next visit. We had a wonderful day, finding gemstones in the morning, finding buried coins in the afternoon and bringing home some gold buckets and good memories........
 Thanks for making our day special"

  Its an affordable way to spend a few fun hours gem hunting close to home. 
   We are located near the Burning Rock A.T.V. park.
   Other nearby attractions include Whitewater Rafting on the New River Gorge,fishing the New River and Camping at our local State Parks

   With the high price of gas,why go to a North Carolina  gem mine to treasure hunt ,when there are tons of valuable Gemstones right here, in your own back yard. 

   The mining ore costs $10.00 per bucket for a  2 1/2 gallon size container of paydirt.
Family 5 buckets of  Gemstone paydirt and get the 6th bucket free.
Buy 10   Gemstone buckets and get 3 free buckets.

"Farmer Joe,
  We enjoyed our visit to Someplace Special Gem Mine so much that we can't wait to return. Here are photos of the 9 gold pickers that we brought home with us and we still have another gold bucket that we brought home with us to go through!  
Thank-you so much for sharing your knowledge of gold and gemstones
We enjoyed your company and next time we will set aside some metal detecting time!

It usually takes from 30 to 45 minutes to sift thru a bucket,(depending on how much bragging you do about your treasures)

 Located near Glade Springs Resort as well as Winterplace Ski Resort.
Call (304)575-9732
 Caution!!!!! Treasure hunting can be very addictive.
Rough gemstones are very common and found here daily .
 They are valuable,but the chances of finding a multimillion dollar stone  is also very slim .
The use of this website and of our facility is for entertainment purposes only and is not to be used as a way to attempt to become wealthy.
We reserve the right to refuse dirt to any person or persons, we feel has become addicted to the search of our dirt here.
 Please use common sense when considering massive purchases of dirt!!!! 

© Someplace Special Gem Mine 2009-2014

Disclaimer::The use of our facility is for entertainment purposes only. We make no claims that you will become wealthy from searching for Gemstones  here . 
Please consider this statement carefully and make an adult judgment about a visit here.   Please understand that  the  Legend Of Someplace Special is purely legend and should be viewed as such.  We are simply a fun place to spend the day... nothing more!!!!
Any visit to our location is at your own risk, Someplace Special Gem Mine or anyone associated with us, will not be responsible for any accidents while at our location

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